Our Store Offers More than Vintage Antiques

Our Beginning

The EveryTing Closet Showroon in Lakeland, Florida

Wayne and Cindy Farnsworth are the owners, its a family business and their daughter and granddaughter are quite active in the store as well. They founded “The EveryThing Closet” in 2013”, it started as a hobby and grew from there.

This husband and wife team wanted to start a business that would be fun and interesting. They are both energetic and have an artistic eye for style and antiques. Wayne and Cindy have a talent of immediately knowing what pieces are valuable and may appeal to customers.

As a team, Wayne and Cindy enjoy discovering, selecting and procuring those hard-to-find pieces or unique or remarkable antiques or vintage items with plenty of life to perform a useful purpose. “We spend our efforts seeking interesting and valuable antiques and slightly used and second-hand items that have character”. These useful items can be recycled to other families to save them money. These money-saving items include household items, home decor, lamps, furniture, jewelry and more.

All the items we procure to sell in our store are high quality and at affordable prices. This is the way we run our antiques and collectibles store as if we will personally purchase these items for ourselves. Our goal is to offer a variety of items in our store inventory for our customers:

  • Consumers seeking antiques
  • Husbands & wives interested in looking for a special piece together
  • Some one seeking pieces that are different and unique
  • Homeowners looking for a particular piece, such as a chair or coffee table, with a specific feel or function
  • Families looking for a bargain on a specific piece such as curio cabinet or dining room set

The EveryThing Closet was created based on Wayne and Cindy’s talent to find and assemble a curated collection of quality merchandise. This is the key reason to visit our Lakeland store – a collection of interesting pieces: unique furniture, curious items, fine china, vintage and interesting jewelry, home decor, collectibles, art, antiques and more.

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Shopping at Our Lakeland Store is Hassle-free

map of Lakeland that is centrally located between Tampa Bay and Orlando

Our antiques and collectibles store is in Lakeland, centrally located between Tampa Bay and Orlando

The EveryThing Closet is our antiques and collectibles store located in Lakeland. We are centrally located between Tampa Bay and Orlando and within a 40 minute drive. Although our Lakeland store contains a large curated collection of antiques, one-of-the-kind items, vintage pieces, and pre-used items, we showcase these items in an uncluttered fashion.

Our store is clean, free from dust and well-organized with large main aisles. We are also Handicap accessible throughout the entire store. All of our items are clearly marked with our prices, as well as all item discounts and on sale pricing. We have a cozy environment with a mom and pop feel and a fast turnover of merchandise.

A sales assistant is always available. Our store offers a friendly environment, where you can peruse with no sales pressure through our curated collection of a wide variety of items. The EveryThing Closet provides guidance and experienced advice to answer your questions and help you. We make our shopping experience pleasant and hassle-free.

Come on in and sit a spell, the coffee and conversation are always welcome and free.

Our Curated Collection is Different from other Antiques & Consignment Stores

Curio cabinets


We seek those time-tested items that are well-designed and aesthetically pleasing. Each piece we select for our store is either handmade or a manufactured product that is built with quality and made to last. We are not a consignment shop, all items are ours.

The items we sell are as complete as possible with functional capabilities. In other words, door latches work, drawers slide and work appropriately or jewelry clasps snap together. Depending on the age of the piece, we strive to acquire fully working items. We do our best to procure real wood items, understanding that particle board pieces will get through once in a while but they are of good quality. We buy items for our collection from estate sales, dealers, and large scale liquidation firms, distributors. We sort through an enormous amount of merchandise to acquire only those items that Wayne and Cindy deem fit to procure for the stores collection.

When we purchase items we negotiate the best wholesale price possible to keep our retail prices down and pass the savings onto our customers. Our procurement objective is to acquire items that will appeal to our customer base that will sell and choose only quality merchandise, while securing the best price possible. The EveryThing Closet is dedicated to offering the value of reasonably priced quality items that deliver great value. Our curated collection of extraordinary merchandise is selected using this value mission.

All items are clearly marked with our reasonable pricing and are showcased in our Lakeland store and shown in and on-line store, on this website. Unlike consignment shops, all our items are selected and presented to appeal to a particular segment of our customer audience. Since everyone has different tastes and needs, all the pieces in our curated collection will not be liked by everyone.

Wide Variety of Quality Items

The EveryThing Closet has quality furniture at great prices

As the name implies The EveryThing Closet doesn’t offer any one type of item or the same-old-stuff. We focus on offering a wide selection of items which are priced to sell. Our current inventory changes within a few days. As items are sold, they are back-filled with new arrivals procured to replace them. Hence, when a customer delays in the purchase of an item, the items usually gone when they return, because of our stock turn-over.

Antiques make up an important part of our curated collection. Most of our items are just plain useful and functional merchandise with great prices to satisfy practical needs. Whether it’s a vintage antique for sale or not, there is a customer that willing to consider it for purchase. If the item can deliver the value they want at a cost saving. Whether you need jewelry to compliment a new outfit, a bedroom set for the guest room or the right knick-knack for the foyer table, we can assistance you with our curated collection of quality items at reasonable prices.

Visit The EveryThing Closet in Lakeland or shop on-line using this website for quality antiques, vintage products and collectibles at reasonable prices